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Again, it was quite a long time since my last post. But between the end of 2020 – where I was trying to finalize the Azure Blob Storage API-app – and now it was an unexpectedly tight schedule (partly because of my naivity in submitting a session-proposal for DynamicsCon 2021 😅).

I say “naivity” because, firstly, I didn’t expect to receive enough votes to make it on the agenda (thank you all again for voting 🤗). Secondly, since this was the first time that I had to prepare a session like this, I completely underestimated the effort to satisfy at least my own expectations on this. Not to speak about my completely wrong estimations of the time I have to prepare (because I didn’t know that the recording would be way before the actual event 😅) or the initial nervosity I experienced during the recording-session. Anyway, I hope I was able to prepare something that you can all enjoy 😊

Since there are lots of great sessions ahead of us the upcoming week, I hope that you remembered to sign up for the event. If not: just click here to register for this completely free event from a really great community! Three days, from March 16th to 18th, with a great agenda.

I’m really looking forward of getting in touch with you during the event. I hope I find enough time to join as many sessions as possible and that we’ll see each other in the session chat groups 😊

If you’ve already used the open source Azure Blob Storage API-app and have any questions on using it or to make it better, feel free to ping me on Twitter or leave a comment here.

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