Refactoring Azure Blob Storage API


After publishing the first version of the Azure Blob Storage API for Dynamics 365 Business Central yesterday I wanted to check if I find time some to add some more API-methods to it.

When I wanted to add the handling for “Delete Container” and “Delete Blob” I also noticed the different optional URI-parameters and Request Headers in the documentation. Since the goal of this app is to completely reproduce the API at some day I needed to implement these as well. But it wouldn’t make sense to create lots of overloads for the different possibilities. This was one of the situations where a generic object would have been helpful (looking at #4 of Vjekos Top-5-List). So I decided to use a Codeunit which will hold all the relevant information for a API call, which led to some more refactoring and so on and so on…

So I just finished the first pull request for this App. Hopefully the refactored approach makes more sense for the future 😊 If you have a better idea, feel free to propose something.

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