DynamicsCon – Azure Blob Storage session: Slides, notes and links

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It’s only been a bit more than a week when the last DynamicsCon ended, but it already feels much longer. Thank you again for joining my session. Now that the tension I felt is gone (read more about that in my previous post) I’d like to point out some links to you.

First of all – of course – the link to the session recording. You can find it here on Youtube.

Don’t forget that there are much more (and probably much better 😅) session-recordings on the DynamicsCon-channel! Don’t miss out on many chances to learn great stuff from a great community! One of my personal favorites is waldo’s session on “Business Central Development Life Hacks” (can save us all a lot of time adopting the techniques and shortcuts shown here).

Then there are also the slides for you available. Either navigate to the speakers page over at DynamicsCon, scroll down to the box for my session and select “Download Presentation” or use the copy here from my blog.

The most important links from the slides are the following:

As I mentioned during the session and on my previous posts: if you have questions regarding this, ecnounter bugs or errors or just want to talk about this (or anything else for this matter 😜) – feel free to get in touch. Use one of the links in the little “Follow me”-box on the right of this page to contact me on your preferred channel 🤗

4 thoughts on “DynamicsCon – Azure Blob Storage session: Slides, notes and links

  1. Hi Simon,

    great content. Really appreciate your efforts.
    Is there still a way to download the demo-repository? I’m particularly interested in the sftp solution you were presenting in your video.


    1. What exactly do you mean? Do you want to call it from AL? Then you should look into the “Azure Function”-module in the System Application (Link). But you can’t directly get this function in AL, since it uses DotNet (C#) code, which you could only use on-prem

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