Turning over a new leaf

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I know, I know. It’s been way too long that I did the last update on my blog. And I’ll really try to get nice new tech-content on here. But today is no such day.

Over the last years I worked with COSMO CONSULT and I learned a lot during that time. I’ve met great colleagues, got into very exciting projects and had lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth. And even though I really liked the given chances and possibilities I felt the need for a change. After 13 years into project-focused work I wanted to have the chance to have a more focused way of working.

So, starting today, I joined 4PS Group. I will continue to work in the Business Central-area, but now with a more product-related focus, instead of the previous project-focus. I am very happy to join my previous ex-colleague and now new manager Tobias Fenster there, to be “tomorrow a little bit better than today”.

This change is also one of the reasons why there was so few activity on this blog. After taking this decision a lot of things needed to be organized and handed over. So I really hope that I’ll be able to come up with new content here, now that this new chapter begins.

To all my previous colleagues: I really hope that we see each other again and one conference or another. Thanks for a great time and all the best for the future.

To my new colleagues: I’m looking forward to meet all of you in person and work with you on great products 💪

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