Preparing for Directions EMEA

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Again, my last post was some months ago – and I’d really like to have it differently. But again these last months were just a lot on the to-do list and I’m getting my backlog a bit shorter every day. So I’m looking forward getting some life on this blog again soon 😊

You might have seen that the Azure Blob Services API is now part of the System App and you probably can imagine that I’m very humbled to see this now being shipped in over 70 countries worldwide 🤗 In the last weeks I’ve been preparing for Directions EMEA, since I’ll join Jesper Schulz-Wedde and Maria Zhelezova from MSFT in the “Together We Win“-session on Thursday in Milan

We all hope that this module will grow even more with the help of the community. The module that stood example for the new one covered already more API operations. But to be able to release a first version, we needed to downsize the original PR a bit. If you like to contribute and have questions, feel free to reach out to me – I’m happy to give a hand to anyone willing to contribute.

I’m also planning to add at least another small PR as reference for contributions on additional API-operations – since there are many to choose from.

I’m really looking forward meeting many of you from our great community in Milan. And please forgive in advance me my nervousness on stage – it’ll be the 1st time doing something like this and I’m not sure how I’ll handle the spotlight pressure 🙈

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