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Update for D365BCAppHelper

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When I initially started with the D365BCAppHelper-module I did not only want to easily see a representation of existing Dependencies between installed Apps. I also wanted to use it for scenarios like easily updating Apps with said dependencies (e.g. replacing “Base Application”).

I know that there are already posts out there explaining the replacement of the “Base Application” for example. But for myself I didn’t really like that I often found myself having lots of very similar scripts for different systems and that I often copied said scripts for another project, with slight modifications, resulting in having slightly different versions of the scripts all over the place. So, naturally I started adding functionality to the already created D365BCAppHelper-module.

Now I think it’s in a state that might be useful for others. This post will give you a quick introduction and an example of the usage. For more details check out the repository on Github.


For me, the most relevant function is Update-D365BCApp. It combines Publish-NAVAppSync-NAVAppStart-NAVAppDataUpgradeInstall-NAVApp and dependency-handling. A quick example:

Update-D365BCApp -AppName "Base Application" -AppFilename "C:\run\my\app\Microsoft_Base" -ForceSubsequent -SyncMode ForceSync

This will give an output similar to the following screenshot:

As you can see this one handy CmdLet will do almost all the work for you. And since it helped me to clean up a bit of my wild script-library I hope it helps you too 😊

Install-D365BCApp / Uninstall-D365BCApp

The other two functions I added are Install-D365BCApp/Uninstall-D365BCApp. I’ll refreain from repeating here from what’s already written in the in the repository. But of course: if you have any questions or find issues, feel free to leave me a comment or create an issue on Github.

Getting started

If you haven’t installed the module already you can get started with it real quick:

Install-Module -Name D365BCAppHelper
Import-Module -Name D365BCAppHelper

If you already installed it, just update it just as quick

Update-Module -Name D365BCAppHelper

Stay healthy everyone!

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